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Why should you choose Judy's for waxing?

When passion and talent intersect something truly special happens: a deep love for what you do.  At Judy's, our team of top rate estheticians take pride in their work and strive continuously to be the very best.  Our professional team works seamlessly together with an unmatched dedication to ensure that your every need is met, and that all your expectations are exceeded.  As you enter our office, you will feel the energy of all our talented specialists, soothing music and the alluring atmosphere to put you at ease and make you feel safe and confident.  Each waxing room is carefully appointed with  state of the art equipment and is designed for ultimate comfort and privacy. 


Matt (Phoenix)

Judy Wilcox is a gifted and talented energetic therapist that is well trained, insightful, and sincere.  After experiencing years of frustrations with more traditional forms of clinical medicine, I reached out to Judy many years ago in a last ditch effort to truly understand the patterns of my chronic behavior, and emotional pain, that I was repeating over and over again.  I had lost hope with a system that wasn’t serving my needs or helping me in any shape or form.


The 411 of Body Waxing

Body Waxing

?Hardly Tempe’s best kept secret, it is hard to believe that the most popular waxing center in the Valley spends annually … not a single marketing dollar. Our booming business is driven strictly by glowing customer referrals.

Okay, enough about us. Now, about you.

Your body is made up of a delicate balance of wants and needs. Your body’s hair growth is no exception. In the name of hair reduction, you’ve turned to razors and perhaps even laser treatments. You’ve realized that promises for “permanent” hair removal aren’t so permanent and that treatments are not only costly, but painful.

So … why wax?

Waxing is the proven, cost-effective way to slow hair growth and weaken hair follicles at the root. Furthermore, areas that are periodically waxed often exhibit regrowth of softer hair.

At Judy’s Body Waxing, we view hair removal as a symphony composed of equal parts arts and science, disciplined technique and a genuine love for the craft. We are confident knowing that the less our customers wear, the better we look.

Call for an appointment today and you’ll soon learn what many others have learned … there’s only smooth sailing for your skin up ahead.

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